Thursday, October 11, 2012

More about re-decorating my bedroom, and an IPhone 4S

Even more has changed with my iron bed frame. First of all, I don't know how you guys have gotten away with not paying for an item you bid on and won on eBay. I didn't end up paying for either of the beds I won on eBay, and as a result I have to pay a fee for not paying, and I had to pay for the seller to re-list the item on eBay.  I ended up having to pay 59.00 dollars to each seller. That's a bargain though for what I would have had to pay for the bed I won for $202.50 dollars plus shipping and handling which was 425.00 dollars. Double the price of that I paid for the bed. So I paid the fees, and said to hell with eBay. I will never bid on anything that does not have free shipping again.
So when I found out the price of the shipping for the bed I wanted, I told my parents I would need to borrow money from them to pay for it. They said they wouldn't give it to me. My Mom told me about this antique mall in Manitowoc that has a whole pole building full of antique beds and most are iron bed frames. The next day after I going to the clinic I drove down to Manitowoc to the antique mall to look at beds. When I pulled in the parking lot I saw a bunch of iron bed frames. Most were either twin size or three quarters. Three quarters size is the first bed size they made that was bigger than a twin. I saw a three quarters bed that I really wanted and because it was a three quarters bed it was only 25 dollars for the entire bed frame. Three quarter beds are so cheap because they don't make three quarter mattresses anymore, so if you buy a three quarters bed frame you have to buy a special made mattress.
After I looked at all the beds in the parking lot, I went to the "bed shed" as it was called. In there, there was at least 200 hundred iron beds, probably 500 beds total. I took my time and looked at every single iron bed frame that was full/double size. I saw a bunch that I liked, but none that I fell in love first. After about an hour of digging I saw it. It was a full/double iron bed frame identical to the bed in the picture with Kurt Cobain lying in it. The only difference was the bed that was in front of me was painted white and was really rusty, and it only had 6 rods on the head board instead of 8 like in the Kurt Cobain bed picture. I looked at the price of this old rusty bed, and it was a cool 50 bucks, with all original parts even the wheels. I had the guy who was helping me look for the bed I wanted, set it up to make sure it had all the parts and that they all fit. It fit together perfect. The headboard is 4ft 6in and the footboard is 4 feet tall. I looked at the bed set up for a few minutes and said to the guy, "Well I'm going to have to get this bed sandblasted to get off all this rust. Would you be willing to sell me the bed for 40 dollars?" He counter bid 45 dollars and I said, "sold."
Oh yes, I forgot. The day before this I got the IPhone 4S, and on the way home my mom drove the Jeep. It took some maneuvering, but we got the bed in the Jeep without bending or dinging any of the iron rods. The whole ride home I called Metal workshops that did sandblasting, and I found one on Velp that would do the bed for 40 dollars an hour. It will probably take 15 to 20 minutes to sandblast my bed so it should cost between 10 and 20 dollars to get it sandblasted. I'm going to paint the bed myself. So I went to Fleet Farm and I bought metal paint primer, and metal paint in mint green and this crackling stuff that will make the bed have an austere chic look. I also bought gold paint (not sparkle gold) in case I want to paint it gold. My mom wants it to be gold.
When we got home I Googled "cheap mattresses in Green Bay WI", and this whole seller came up. I called the number to make an appointment to look at the mattresses and box springs. The next day I and my mom went to look at these new cheap mattresses from this whole seller guy. I ended up getting a mattress and box spring for 245 dollars. The mattress/boxspring part I was most worried about, because before when I was looking up cheap mattresses (I didn't put Green Bay WI in my Google search last time) all I could find was refurbished mattresses and those gross me out. The cheapest mattress and box spring I found when I first looked was 400 and some dollars.
If I had bought the bed I wanted from eBay and paid the shipping and handling, and didn't put Green Bay WI in my Google search for mattress/boxsprings I would have ended up paying at least 400 dollars for mattress and box spring. So for just my bed I would have paid 1,200 dollars! This way, I'm only paying 370 dollars (rounding up) for my entire antique iron bed.
At the antique mall I also found a small antique dresser (dove tailed) that I'm going to paint white for 60 dollars. I also found a red fainting couch that I love, and it’s in good shape for 150 dollars. If after I put my room together with the bed, dresser, and small writing desk and antique chair for the desk, and there is still a lot of room I'm going to buy either that fainting couch, or one of those egg chairs. I found a bunch of egg chairs on eBay for around 150 dollars with free shipping. I once sat in one of those egg chairs at a modern furniture store on Broadway here in Green Bay and it was awesome. I could sit in there and read all day. I could watch a movie on either, my bed, or the fainting sofa, or egg chair depending on how much room I have left with the staple furniture in it. I thought about getting a vanity, but instead I'm going to fix up my bathroom. My bathroom is rather small compared to my parent’s master bath. I don't even have a closet or chores for my make up, and hair stuff. Right now I have one of those plastic bins with chores that pull out in my bathroom and that's where I keep all that stuff.
When I was at ShopKo today waiting for my prescriptions to be filled I went to look at home furnishings and I saw this tall cabinet made of wicker that I could swap out...shit I forgot about all my books. Where am I going to put them? I have over 200 books on my dresser and in my closet. Plus one of my dressers is full of my journals. I'm going to need a book case. Hmm, I was just looking around the living room and my mom has this bookshelf that she has all her cook books on one shelf and the rest of the shelves are full of nick knacks. There are two book cases here in the living room, and she can have the one over by the TV and there is room on that one for her row of cook books. If I think the book case is going to take up too much room in my bedroom I can put it in my closet. My closet is a walk in closet, a small walk in, but there is one wall without shelves or a bar to hang clothes on, and I can fit the book shelf on that wall. We used to have this awesome antique book case, but my dad gave it to my cousin when he moved out of the cabin in upper Michigan when he and my mom were split up. I could ask my cousin for that book case back. That one isn't very big, and it wouldn't fit all my books, well maybe it will. Plus it won't take up very much room in my bedroom.
I'm so excited about re-decorating my bedroom, and I bet when it’s all done I won't even like it that much. I hope I do. I want to make my bedroom my haven. I want it to be the room I spend all my free time in, reading, writing, watching movies, sleeping, having sex, and all those good things.  My room should be done by the end of November. My bed won't be back from the sand blaster for up to three weeks. That's why it is so cheap. They do grave stones; it’s actually the same place where my parents bought our family head stone when Angie (my little sister) passed away in 2003. It's not even a metal shop. They just happen to have a sand blaster and do beds and other furniture on the side when they have time.

I know this post is super boring. It is exciting for me write out though. I like thinking about my decorating project. I so hope it turns out nice. I don't even have a real picture in my head yet so I can't be let down.

There is so much more I could write about, but I want to get back to my book now. I sat on that damn IPhone 4S all day today, downloading apps and playing scrabble instead of reading or writing. I'll get sick of the phone soon enough. I am always asking Siri questions, and she doesn't know squat, she's always saying, can I check the Internet for you? Then I'll call her stupid, and she'll say, "I’m sorry Anna, I'm not perfect yet". Then I'll apologize, and she'll say, no need to apologize Anna, like I said I'm not perfect yet."

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