Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have a dream, a dream that one day the mass majority of people will be ignorant

Just a second ago I had felt the need to write. I had no clear topic in mind. Just the urge to create, to write something that has nothing to do with sex, or short bios of some half nude women's photo, using words to make her seem real, and makes the reader believe she wants to fuck some anonymous pervert. At first I could write 2 thousand word bios, which was way too long, and a total waste of energy and time. At most 500 words will get a man and his cock eager for some beaver.

Seriously there are only so many things you can do with male and female genitalia. There are lot of different scenarios that can be played out, but in the end some type of appendage ends up in someone's oraphis. Either one of the three main holes on a women, or the two main on man. Weather that appendage is hanging of a human body, and is in fact a human body part, or it's a fake appendage in the form of cylinder. Penis, penis shaped dildo, vibrator, finger(s), cucumbers, carrots, candlesticks, pens, pencils, soda bottles, light bulbs, tongue, etcetera etcetera.

No, not right now. Just those two paragraphs are making me feel like a used up writer with nothing left to say.
Who am I kidding, I am used up, and have nothing to say. Never had something to say.

I have considered myself a pessimist from the time I learned what pessimistic and optimistic meant. Now I know I am not a pessimist, I'm a realist. Realistically thinking is not a bad thing. Knowing the odds that I will never go back to school, not in New York or even Green Bay. Vassar wouldn't take me as I am. The money I would need to pay for just one year of college seems monumental. I would lose my Disability pay, so I might get financial aid, or a grant maybe two, take out student loans. Say I do all this, when I get to college what money am I suppose to live off. Not for UN necessary things, but for books, a laptop, software, then of course those little things like a place to live or at least some place to go when I have no place else to go, and where I can sleep, read, write, eat. I'm good on clothes. Also to bleach my hair, and color it, have it cut. Then a shower to wash it and my body, a place to blow dry, and straighten once a week or two. A place to masturbate, or have sex. Okay the hair, and masturbation can be down at whomever's place I end up at when I pick a nice boy or girl up at the library, or bar where I would only go to get some kind of drug to dull my emotions. Yeah, that is a need, money for recreational drug use.

Education should be free. No matter how high a degree you want to obtain, it should all be free. The more knowledgeable human's become the less ignorant and self destructive our species will be. Knowledge is the key to open your mind.  Knowledge will give the human species a miniscule shot at become a truly intelligent life form. Not just a little more evolved than a Gorilla or Chimp. As far as the measurement of time, humans have barley started standing up right on two feet compared to the unfathomable amount of time has passed since the universe came to be. Just look at how long the dinosaurs were the intelligent life sustained by the Earth. Eons, and eons have come and gone. How many laps around the sun have humans been around to measure the past?...a couple 10's of maybe 100's of thousand's of years old. A few thousand years...a  few thousand years!! My friends it is but the  length of time of a mere flap of a humming birds wings. Compared to the first life to live on Earth, to the time man has become civilized is so short if you think about it. Our lives are short, therefore 50,000 years seems like an exorbitante amount of time, when in comparison to our average 60-90 year life spans.

Why, oh why, with such a limited amount of time we are living humans should we be so concerned with keeping up with the Jones's, or in pursuit of making more and more money, to buy status symbols. Who gives a fuck if you drive a 1988 Toyota or 2014 Ferrari? On your death bed are you going to regret never buying an expensive car that loses 60% of its value once you drive out of the parking lot, when you could have used that money to change the course of human history? We pursue money when we could and should be pursuing knowledge. Living our lives for the betterment of all human kind in generations to come. What will human life be in the year 7013? Will humans still exist? Will anyone remember you lived on Earth, and had lots of money? Eventually we are all forgotten with the passing of time.  So in essence will are all nobody, and we are all the same.

If human's can stop just saying we want to better humanity. No longer living life in grips of a piece of paper worth nothing but the value we tell ourselves it has. No longer living to turn a profit. Instead Teachers unite, those who have knowledge teach, instead of working on an Assembly line learn. Listen more than you speak. Ask questions, question everything? Meditate, sustain yourself with the abilities we have learned, plant our own crops, have our own cows, forage for food, hunt for food, in the meantime, learn and teach, listen and question.

We have the tools, now use them. Don't do as you're told, do what you know is right. Don't give in, or give up. Forge ahead. A pessimist would say this will never happen. A realist would say it will take a lot of work, and dedication to start the ball rolling, but once it makes it's first revolution, we will be on our way to making a revolution of a different kind. We have the ability to talk to someone in China and see their face over a screen in the time it takes to tap an icon, spread the age of knowledge and enlightenment using your fingers to tap and speak with as well as listen to anyone with access to the internet.

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