Monday, January 21, 2013

Pointless rants, I've been on a tangent lately. I've taken bits and pieces of my rants and copy and pasted

If you want to read the facts, I suggest you read the paper by Steven Hawking I've posted below this post. Take time to learn. As I stated below, Dr. Hawking is pro human life and even human's leaving planet Earth after we have depleted all its resources  and need a new host, we need to look into space. Where I Anna Grace Y. am pro human extinction. Maybe I'd feel differently if I could reach Nirvana the highest form of inner peace, and being one with everything. We are one with everything, but our brains have created self obsessed semi intelligent creators with the power of destruction. Our only power is destruction. 

It's been a while. Hasn't it my friends? I had pretty much forgotten about my one time best and only blog, "I hate my face, I hate this place, and I'm strung out again" on blogger. Now it seems like a distant past. I still have no friends, not because no-one tries to include me, or invite me, or tries to engage me in conversation. They do all the time. Sickening. I much prefer my communication with other human beings be limited to online exchanges only. As for people...Oh hell no, I have plenty of that bloody shit. The reason I haven't any close friends is simple. I hate people. I talk to one person that is not my mom or dad. I still hate her, but I will speak to her.
There are no exceptions, not for family, or friends (if I had any), or sweet innocent children who are starving because yet another women was knocked up....yet again. Even though she can't afford to care for her other 7 children, now 8. All of the kids are under 12 years old, and now she's bringing another impoverished  hungry, scared, uneducated, etcetera...child into this world. A child who will be another on of Earth's parasites. All humans are parasites living off our plant's resources  depleting those resources faster than Earth can regenerate,

I hate no one person more than I hate any other person, not race more than any other race, not me more than women. My hate is equal. I don't hate because I've a small cold heart. The opposite is true as a matter of fact. I have loved people, all people so much. I've been so saddened by all the insensible things people do, not only to each-other but to all living things. People are the parasites of Earth. Parasites that continually feeds off Earth and its resources. Reproducing faster than the planet can regenerate the depletion of its resources. Earth, our true mother, who bore us and watched as we evolved to better suite the conditions of that particular region or part of Earth's land masses on which we live, so we can survive and reproduce. In the whole universe, the dust of the supernova could have gone anywhere in the universe. Unfathomable! I wonder if we think about the odds and did the math giving us the odds that the dust from dead stars that have imploded and exploded in outer space, that the dust would land on Earth, and form the matter that all forms of life on Earth, and everything on the Earth is made of.

This small, insignificant ball of gasses, energy. and matter traipses around the star nearest it. Now after eons and eons after the little blue dot formed and became a planet, is so small in the vastness of the space time fabric continuum which we call  "The Universe" a place so large and with so much space/nothingness that there could be, and probably is a part of the universe where the blue dot as its called when seen from a far off distance. Our brains have not the ability to really take in the idea of infinity, and forever. Our parasitic life span or humans life span is less than the time it takes to blink your eyelids just once.

treated who's atmosphere, and surface a mixture of oceans filled with salt water, and land covered in plant life vegetation which set just the  right conditions so we can breath. You know that that air we inhale and fills our lungs, and is disturbed in our blood, which is then pumped through our bodies by the strongest muscle humans have..the heart, that pump the blood that flows through our veins and arteries carrying oxygen to our organs, and most importantly our brains. Where where the thing that makes you a self aware, conscious with distinct personalities, and thoughts. Our bodies are merely extraordinarily complicated, and perfectly designed machines which is run by our brain. Really the energy produced in our brain, causing electrical pulses the spark to carry information from neuron to neuron via our synaptic gaps, which finds it's way to the part of the brain that reads the information, and does what the information told it.  we just take, take, take, until it's gone, with no care of the consequences all the taking has on not just other people, but of the planet we belong to. (I noticed people say, "we are destroying our planet. It's not our planet, we do not own Earth, the Earth own us. We have no control over mother nature. We belong to the Earth, it is the planet in the Milky Way Galaxy  that rotates the star we call "the sun" , and we were created from the dust of what were at one time stars, who burnt out, collapsed into its self, and then exploded with a force unfathomable to us in a brilliant supernova.

 if it's legit, that is  awesome. I can't wait to go unfriend a few people, or everyone. I hate people, right-wing, super religious bible thumpers, who keep themselves ignorant, and follow the rest of the herd,"herd of or rather infestation of the parasites of earth"

Look up the definition or as Siri what the definition of a parasite is. we humans are parasites, reproducing, draining Earth of it's resources, faster than Earth can repair itself. People think the Earth belongs to humans. NO, NO, we belong to the Earth. Without our planet you assholes would not be here. Including myself in the group of assholes. I am human after all, and own things I don't need. Over indulge, consume, Oh no the economy is failing, we better get out there and buy stuff to help boost the economy.  At least I don't make enough money to do contribute to super consumerism.
Jobs, money, houses, reproduce, don't use drugs...except alcohol, look the other way when you see a homeless Vietnam Vet, who was sent to war, he didn't volunteer like the soldiers of today. Pretend the mentally ill, and non violent criminals should spend 10 years in prison for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Who has a history of drug convictions, yet none harmed another human being physically. Humans who put other humans to death because the DA is sure this person was the perp, only to find out 10 years after his execution he/she was innocent, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The government doesn't want us to know how many innocent people have been executed. God forbid us non government officials know the truth. I know too many people including my own family who want to believe a person is inherently bad because they are not of European heritage, or Eur-Asia
people, some I even want to keep and send a new friend request...


Bev said...

Whaaaat??Do you hate ppl or love people. Im all mixed up reading this post.
I think you love ppl but we all get in moods where more sociable then other times.
You like your company and that is good.Being your own best friend.
You havent been writing much.I hope you do.
How was your new year?

Kelley Rawlings said...

Miss Anna banana come back! You must entertain my dull life with your amazeballs blog! Hopr you post some juicy stuff soon! Hope you're doing good, btw.

Eyelick said...

Eye am also Pro human extinction.