Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello Russia!

It seems the country that gave us Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin, along with vodka, and mean blonde boxers who always lose at the end of the movie has taken an interest in my blog, and we cannot forget Leo Tolstoy!
Welcome my Russian friends. What is it you find interesting about my blog? IS the drugs, the sex, the self hatred, the whining that my life sucks and doing nothing to make it better? What is it that is appealing to you? Whatever it is that has brought so you many miles away from your homeland, and over here to United States, where I sit at my tiny desk beside my bed, and with a window to my left with a view of the house next door which isn't very attractive, and the gray skies, white snow, grey brown trees without leaves, I would have to say I would like to see Russia outside my window someday. I don't know if I'd ever want to live there. Growing up during the cold war and all the propaganda our government put out about Russia I would say I am a bit scared to stay anywhere outside of Moscow or St. Petersberg. I do love the Russian Language though. The women are beautiful, and have pretty accents. Plus Anna is rather common name in Russia. I am not sure if I have any russian ancestry. Most of my family hails from either Ireland or today's Czech Republic aka Bohemia and some German. I hate to admit the German part. I would much rather have Jewish lineage but of course I have no Jewish family that I know of.
Anything new with me? Ahh Fuck, there is always something new, but its usually dreadfully boring, and I can't think of it right now. I wish I had my laptop always open and on. I find it's such a pain in my ass to pull my laptop out of its sleeve and it's always upstairs if I'm downstairs, and downstairs if I'm upstairs. On the few occasions I feel like blogging I end up just journaling either in my moleskine evernote journal and then just take photos of it with my phone and put in evernote where it turns into a PDF for me. Which is nice. I now have too many journals, and feel overwhelmed. Too many notebooks as well. I don't know why I feel I must buy every notebook that is attractive to my eye when I have ten more at home just as attractive and not a word written inside. Oh yeah, I gots my period today. Just an fyi.  I have been crying like a baby for few days now and my tits have been hurting. Also I have a yellow discharge coming from one of my nipples. I am suppose to ho see the doctor but I looked it up on the internet and "they" say its almost always just a hormone imbalance, and only be worried if its bloody. If it were sore, and in both nipples, and not just one of the milk ducts but all of them then it would be 100% no big deal, but because its on, one side, doesn't hurt, and is coming from only one place it might be something else. I just don't want to go to the doctor and push on my breast in just the right spot that a thick yellow liquid bubbles up to a yellow speck, and only so much then a few hours later I can do it again. Don't you wonder how the hell I figured out what spot I have to push to get the yellow discharge? We have no family history of breast cancer. Well my grandma, but not until she was in her late 70's to early 80's, and it was the "best" kind of breast cancer you can get if you have to get it, with low death rate, high remission rates. She still has her boobs, and has no cancer that we are aware of. She's almost 90 and is as spry as a spring chicken. Gotta love Grandma Grace.

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Maureen said...

Anna, I'll read more when I get more time. Taking care of Jade is a 24/7 or deal with a 2&1/3 year old. Birthday in May. Not yet potty trainied, doesn't show much interest. Such is life.
Love you sweetie,