Thursday, January 16, 2014

Precipitated Withdrawal when first started Suboxone

This is in reply to comments left on previous blog post...

Calamity Jane

You are right on point about Naloxone and Suboxone, blocking natural endorphins. The Naloxone really has no point being added to the Bupronophine, aside from trying to keep IV users from injecting the Suboxone. I had one of the worst accidental precipitated withdrawal when I was given my first dose of Suboxone at my Doctor's office. I had been told I must be below 30mg of Methadone & go three days w/o taking any methadone, as well. For Heroin users they ask you to be 48 hours without blast so as not to come in after just using heroin farewell fix, before being administered your first dose of Suboxone. My Doctor failed to mention what would happen if I went in to his office w/o all opiates/opioids out of the opiate receptors in the brain. I was too afraid to go three full days with no methadone or any opiates at all. I was terrified of being in withdrawals for three days. So I was taking only 50mg to stave off withdrawals until I can start Suboxone. 
I took my last two 10mg methadone pills 12 hours before my Doctor supervised first Suboxone dose. I just figured I would have a higher dose of Suboxone than I would had I done the 3 days w/o opiates. 
I was to be at my Doctors office at 9:00am, in withdrawal. I showed up, but wasn't in withdrawal. There were five others starting the Suboxone and they all were almost done Withdrawing. I was the only moving from Methadone to Suboxone. There were two H addicts, and three pain pill addicts. They were craving a fix bad, and filling out the paperwork ASAP so they could get the first 2mg, and up 2mg every 30 mins until the sickness and cravings stopped. 
The Doctor came out with a few orange pills, and a pill splitter. They were 8mg tablets cut into 1/4ths and taken sublingually. I got my first 2mg piece of Suboxone pie, and let it dissolve under my tongue. I started to feel cold, clammy skin, my nose started running. When the Doc gave me the second 2mg piece; I told him how I wasn't feeling better. In fact I was feeling quite a bit worse. The Dr. Told me 2mg was obviously not enough, and handed me another 2mg 1/4 piece. I again allow the nasty tasting citrusy pill to dissolve. It did so rather quickly, and about 15 minutes after the second dose is dissolved things precipitated until  I had to run, not walk to the lavatory. After 3 years of constipation, suddenly my bowels started churning again. My stomach cramped up and  then nausea started my mouth filling with saliva, I was having hot and cold flashes. I pulled my undies and Yoga pants down to my ankles, and sat on the toilet just in time. My bowels exploded and started to evacuate. The shite went from solid to liquid. I kept flushing as often as the toilet allowed, out of curtsy to other whom might walk in. The smell was so foul as my shit that had been in my intestines for weeks if not months. I began gagging until my breakfast of came up and projectile vomit was hitting the stall door, and splashed back at me. 
Just when it seemed I had emptied my body of everything that could be expelled from my body was gone, and I finished cleaning myself, and the stall just got my feminine wipes from my purse to feel cleaner, and I had my yoga pants pulled up. Was washing my hands, splashing my face which was pouring sweat, and my eyesight was messed up, I couldn't focus on anything, my legs were restless, and had were shaking, and flailing about as the pleased. The Doctor brought me into his office, where I begged for some kind of opiate. My hopes dashed when I read the Suboxone pamphlet and found no matter how much
OpiaƄte pills, dope, I took in nothing would take away these precipitated withdrawals except time. 
I had drove to the Dr.'s office by myself, my Doctor had prescribed me Clonidine and depakote (because there is some evidence the Mood Stabilizer helped precipitated withdrawal patients get some sleep) he also wrote me a script for 3 Lunesta sleeping pills, & four 0.5 Xanax to be taken as a PRN. I had to stop  
My Kpins until I could take Suboxone w/o be thrown into rapid withdrawal. I was sick 3 days, and emotional state was fragile, I was so scared when I began Suboxone again, but it worked second time, but I relapsed two months later. 

(I started this post a month ago probably and meant to finish it, but now I'm just going to post it as is.)


Maureen said...

Anna, like I said; busy with my terrible 2 year old;precious granddaughter! 24 /7 job wish I would never undertaken are not like pet's, they need you all the time. I've read what you wrote b4.
I've just about quit smoking,don't like to smoke in front of jade! Take care of yourself love maureen

Maureen said...

Where are you Anna? Haven't heard from you. Nor read a thing from you. I'll have 2 check out Facebook. Worried about you!!♥♥♥♥♥♥