Friday, May 30, 2014

Car Accident, May 22, 2013...

This happened in 2013, May 22nd. I wrote this obviously a along time ago but it has been in my drafts forever. Figure I may as well post it. I did not edit.

I was in a car accident yesterday at 6:06pm (I know...I can't believe I had the where with all to look at the clock as the truck was spinning, and I was spinning.) The damn truck was pulled out a ways on Military to turn N. onto Military, as I was going thru the light at the intersection of Shawano and Military, heading E. on Shawano. Just as I went thru the green light I saw the light turn yellow, and the driver of the truck sped up to make his Left onto Military going S. He under estimated the speed at which I was coming, and must have thought his truck had the  or horse power to gain enough speed to just miss me as I crossed the intersection. At first I thought he would break when he realized he couldn't avoid a collision. At the same time I realized this driver wasn't going to stop. I went through the green light and there was no cars close behind me. So I just assumed the driver would wait for me to pass. Just as I went though the green light, just as I was about to reach the middle of the intersection, a few feet from the truck that was pulled out a ways into the N. Military bound lanes trying to take a left. when the light turned yellow the driver probably wanted to make his left turn before the 5 seconds he had before the light turned red happened. Probably because he didn't want to be be in the way of the N. bound Military traffic when the light does turned red, which would be just about 2-3 seconds before Military's lights turned green. it's not as though when the traffic lights go from green to yellow, and then yellow to red in less than a second or two. there is about 8-10 seconds before yellow turns red, and from when his lane's light turn red to the time the cross traffic lights turn green. So even if after I was far enough through the lights for the truck to turn, and the light just turns red as he makes his left turn before the lanes he has to pass to get in the left lane of S. Military turn green.
 The driver of the truck must have either been in a hurry,and was driving in haste, or under estimated my rate of speed at which I was on coming, or over estimated his trucks horse power, to push the gas pedal to the floor and try to beat my car before we would meet and collide with each other. As I mentioned the light turned after I was a good 7 or 8 feet-before  our tlight turned yellow. which happened to have happen just after I passed through the green light and was about 7or 8 feet passed the lights. I had seen this truck was pulled out a ways onto Military Ave. impeding the N. bound lanes of Military Ave. In an attempt to turn left onto Military in the S. bound lane before the lights turned red.  I had seen the light turn yellow as I was about to reach the middle and saw the truck trying to beat me just as the light went from green to yellow caution approaching vehicles to slow down before the traffic light turns red for stopping, so the traffic at the intersection going South and North can go when they get a green light.  when he was pulled out too far  he was still on the gas, and *Boom* *Thud* *tires squealing* We collided. We collided in exactly the middle of the intersection. I was turned around facing the median on military facing south. Just as I the cars inertia stopped, and luckily I was wearing my seatbelt because my inertia was still going forward, and my seatbelt had tightened when I slammed on the breaks, and it stopped me from hitting the stealing wheel with my chest, all I have is a little red mark from the seat belt on my left shoulder, and of course my head went further than my body, but I don't have any whip lash. When I got my bearings, I saw the truck was gone. So I called 911, told the lady I wasn't hurt, but I don't know about the guy in the truck. He just took off in the direction he stopped spinning, which I wasn't sure if he went W. on Shawano or S. on Military. I thought the truck was dark blue newer Ford. I knew the driver was a white male, because as he spun, there was like a slow motion split second where we made eye contact. His face was calm, and my eyes were wide open, and adrenalin was being released. The 911 lady asked me if the car would start, and it was still running, so I turned the car to go E. on Shawano to pull to the side and put on the hazards. Then she told me an office will be there in 10 mins or so. I was afraid to get out of the car and see the damage. I knew  it was bad, because there was debris in the intersection, and it was all black. It was raining out, and a bit chilly, and I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but there was too many things racing through my head. I need proof of insurance, registration, my drivers license, I opened the glove compartment and took everything out, found the papers I needed, then I found my wallet, which wasn't in my purse, and got it out from the feet area on the passenger side. I had to take off my seatbelt to get my wallet. My phone had flew up onto the dash (thank my lucky stars I had it in a hard case. I usually just put those rubber one piece cell phone covers that cover the back only). After I gathered all the stuff the copper would ask for, I waited another 5-6 minutes for the damn copper (who was a complete dick) arrived. I was crying worried about the hit run, do I have to pay for the damage if they don't find him? My dad's going to freak out, and scream at me, and when the 5-o knocked on my window hard with his fucking flash light. I was all flustered, and was thinking to fast to understand the cop, and I just kept trying to hand him the info he needed. So the coper started to get mad because I started hyperventilating, so he stopped asking questions and told me to put my head between my legs, and as soon as I caught my breath, the asshole cop started back in at me, even though I was still sobbing, trying to answer his questions. Most of you who know me, or have read my blog know I'm not very articulate. I'm even less articulate when I'm frazzled. 

I changed my fonts after many complaints about using non traditional fonts.

I do not know why so many of you whom happen past my blog are so thrown off by "Online Fonts" that are not the traditional Times (New Roman), Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Verdana? One reader using an older PC saw strange characters, rather than letters from the English Alphabet. How old his PC was, or what browser he was using, he did not say. Most of the complaints are not at all helpful, most say something to effect of, "Use normal fonts!"
Why? One commenter wrote it was a distraction to him, and that he was a bit of a font "snob". What is a font snob? Why are there font snobs?
So after receiving only comments about my fonts for the past few months, and so few concerning the content of the blog post I folded and changed to the "NORMAL" fonts. You are all welcome.

As for new content for this blog...I haven't got much to offer. I have a few Facebook comments that became too long, and off point to post on Facebook, and instead of deleting comment I spent so much time and effort writing, I save some in my Notes if I wrote it out on my phone, and on MS Word if I wrote it out on my laptop. I use my phone 90% of the time, just because it's always near me, it's always on, etc. My old laptop I kept out, and in the living room, usually on the movable laptop stand that sat in front of a empty chair that was almost exclusively used while on the computer. Then I bought a MacBook, and a sleeve, a magic mouse, and other accessories that rather than making the laptop experience easier, it became cumbersome. I have messenger bags made for laptops, but after paying a few thousand dollars for a laptop I don't want to be bringing it everywhere with me. Too many things could happen, and what's the point? I have my phone, and that has everything and more. If it had a keyboard I wouldn't need a laptop. I used to write stories, and books, but that stopped when my previous laptop took a dump, and I had to wait a few months without a laptop until I bought this one, and during that month I got so used to only having my phone as means of connecting the Internet, and that's all she wrote.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get back in the habit of using my laptop more than my phone? I am going to start using my messenger bags. I have two great bags, but Evernote has this messenger bag that is perfect for using as both a laptop carrier and a purse. I want that damn Evernote bag, but its $200.00 something, and I'm using all my extra money to finish up tattoos. Plus what would I do with the two other messenger bags? I'm never satisfied. I buy stuff on impulse, and don't wait to find something I really like,  and I'm always broke. So what. I'm an idiot.