Friday, May 30, 2014

I changed my fonts after many complaints about using non traditional fonts.

I do not know why so many of you whom happen past my blog are so thrown off by "Online Fonts" that are not the traditional Times (New Roman), Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Verdana? One reader using an older PC saw strange characters, rather than letters from the English Alphabet. How old his PC was, or what browser he was using, he did not say. Most of the complaints are not at all helpful, most say something to effect of, "Use normal fonts!"
Why? One commenter wrote it was a distraction to him, and that he was a bit of a font "snob". What is a font snob? Why are there font snobs?
So after receiving only comments about my fonts for the past few months, and so few concerning the content of the blog post I folded and changed to the "NORMAL" fonts. You are all welcome.

As for new content for this blog...I haven't got much to offer. I have a few Facebook comments that became too long, and off point to post on Facebook, and instead of deleting comment I spent so much time and effort writing, I save some in my Notes if I wrote it out on my phone, and on MS Word if I wrote it out on my laptop. I use my phone 90% of the time, just because it's always near me, it's always on, etc. My old laptop I kept out, and in the living room, usually on the movable laptop stand that sat in front of a empty chair that was almost exclusively used while on the computer. Then I bought a MacBook, and a sleeve, a magic mouse, and other accessories that rather than making the laptop experience easier, it became cumbersome. I have messenger bags made for laptops, but after paying a few thousand dollars for a laptop I don't want to be bringing it everywhere with me. Too many things could happen, and what's the point? I have my phone, and that has everything and more. If it had a keyboard I wouldn't need a laptop. I used to write stories, and books, but that stopped when my previous laptop took a dump, and I had to wait a few months without a laptop until I bought this one, and during that month I got so used to only having my phone as means of connecting the Internet, and that's all she wrote.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get back in the habit of using my laptop more than my phone? I am going to start using my messenger bags. I have two great bags, but Evernote has this messenger bag that is perfect for using as both a laptop carrier and a purse. I want that damn Evernote bag, but its $200.00 something, and I'm using all my extra money to finish up tattoos. Plus what would I do with the two other messenger bags? I'm never satisfied. I buy stuff on impulse, and don't wait to find something I really like,  and I'm always broke. So what. I'm an idiot.


Gledwood said...

Hi Anna I don't know why it says no comments what have we all been doing? I'm just passing v quickly to say HI and to wish you a Merry One and Happy 2015 because it's that time again... all the best take care XXXXXXXXX

Anna Young said...

Are u still around?